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TPL removes M5.BenQ from tournament
Today the committee of the TPL tournament has decided to drop M5.BenQ out of their event, explaining that current roster is too young to compete at a level that high, meaning the third season of the league. You will find the official M5.BenQ's statement below:

We feel sorry for the committee having been forced to make such a rough decision and remove our team from the participants. During last weeks our players have really stepped up their game and showed that the M5.BenQ's roster shouldn't be underestimated. We are, as well as any other team, are really motivated by the fact of opportunity at participating in different events as we see it to be the key factor to skill improvement. We will do our best to prepare well enough for the fourth season of the league to fit the requirements of the committee who approved teams like Shakira, FnaticRC,, Empire, Absolute Legends, Quantic, Dignitas and others. Team M5.BenQ wishes luck to all the participants of the third season, as we also wish spectacular matches to the viewers.

You might promptly see M5.BenQ at: