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Genja on the verge of being too late
Yesterday we have announced that Eugene «Genja» Andryushin has gotten his visa to the US from the second attempt. Despite that Eugene won’t be able to travel together with the rest of the team and will have to depart later. 

As we have mentioned before, the problem can occur, if his passport won’t be returned to him on Friday (today). Unfortunately, it was the case. Now Eugene has to wait for his documents to be returned and only then depart to the US. Best case scenario – he receives his passport on Monday and departs the very same day, but there is no guarantee, because he might as well receive it on Tuesday. In that case he won’t be able to join the team during the practice days planned for the 3rd and 4th of October. 

We will keep you updated on this issue and will let you know when he gets his passport as soon as he does.